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You are a beginner on football betting site, and wondering which bets you should make, worry not because there are bets you can start with. The bets however easy to place and win, have lower odds: approximately 1. 05 odds, compared to the hard bets: 2.00 odds. Accordingly, the easy bets involve less risks, thus low odds, which result into less profits. Here is a list of 3 soccer bets that are the easiest to begin with1:

1. Over/ Under Bet.

With this type of bet, you are put in a position to gauge which teams will have more or less goals than a specific number of set goals in a full match. When betting under this type of bets, you have high chances of winning because the 90 minutes are more to determine which team is getting the over and which one will get the under.

2. First Half Over / Under Bet.

First Half Over /Under is more similar to the Over / Under Bet than the two are different. In this bet, you bet for a team to have more or less goals than a set number of goals in 45 minutes. You are less likely to be correct in this type of bet compared to the Over/ Under Bet. Reason is, a match takes 45 minutes before half time, and those minutes are half the 90 minutes for a full football match.

3. Double Chance Bet.

The Double Chance Bet is different from the two. Under these types of bets, you are allowed to give predictions for a maximum of 3 outcomes. The outcomes have to be either home or draw, draw or away, or home or away. With this bet, you are more likely to be correct since it offers a variety of options to select from.

The three types of bets are simple to help a beginner grow in betting. Learn more about trong cá cược bóng đá uy tín K8.

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